Pakistan to appoint new envoy amidst US travel restrictions


Islamabad, May 10:  Pakistan is set to appoint a new ambassador in Washington as the US has announced travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats across the country starting from Friday, the media reported on Thursday.

Pakistan’s top envoy to the US Aizaz Chaudhry has announced to leave the post following the announcement of the restrictions.

On Wednesday, Chaudhary said hat the embassy had received the agreement for the new ambassador, Ali Jahangir Siddiqui, on Tuesday, paving the way for his appointment, reports Dawn news.

Siddiqui was nominated by the Prime Minister in March.

He said that instead of the mandatory six weeks, he has only requested for three weeks for winding up his engagements in the US capital.

“I am a civil servant and I obey orders from Islamabad,” said Chaudhary. “I served my country with honour and dignity and I am ready to leave now.”

Chaudhary is expected to leave his job on May 29, only two days before an interim government is expected to take charge in Islamabad.

Siddiqui can stay for the next three months if the coming interim government agrees to keep him.

Under the travel ban, Pakistani staffers will have to seek prior permission from US authorities if they have to travel beyond the imposed 40 km radius, reports The News International.

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