UN  Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression Slams Twitter 

David Kaye is a ‘no nonsense’ UN rapporteur on Freedom of Expression. When the news of the Kashmir-based twitter handles being blocked by Twitter reached him he cracked a whip on twitter. Right to freedom of expression is one of the formidable laws on which the modern civilian, democratic governments are based. Blocking twitter handles just because they justifiably criticized the human rights scenario in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a direct attack on democracy and civility of the modern governments.
    When the Twitter received a letter from David they wrote a response that it was the government in India which recommended which accounts to be blocked. It must be borne in mind that a majority of the accounts blocked are from the state of Jammu and Kashmir or those activists who sympathize with the people of the state.
   The UN report clearly mentions that under no norm should an account be blocked for raising important issues like human rights violations. It must be borne in mind that freedom of expression, freedom to form associations is bedrock of modern democracies, an elixir for their longevity. We are living in a global village and no government in the world should assume that it can iron wall any information emanating from any corner of the world or at the same time no government has the right to stop its citizens from communicating to the world the wrongdoings of its government-that too when that country is the so called largest democracy of the world.
   Twitter is banning the handles of Kashmiris but at the same time the accounts of right-wing Hindutva activists spreading venom day in and day out are running freely. Why this hypocrisy and duality?
   As people who believe in freedom of expression we demand that the twitter India should restore the Kashmir-based Twitter handles blocked by it. We believe in peacefully communicating to the world about what we are facing, who are the perpetrators and who are the victims?
Let every right minded person have the right to tweet good things on twitter!

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