Controversial news anchor Deepak Chaurasiya served legal notice


New Delhi: Controversial news anchor, known for his pro BJP and present NDA government, Deepak Chaurasia once again in his endeavor to ‘please’ Modi regime crossed the line of professional journalism.

Deepak Chaurasia, the consulting Editor of television Channel, News Nation, is in troubled waters again. He has been served a legal notice for his hate mongering and communal overtones.

In 2016 after the anti-India slogans were raised inside the JNU campus by some of the people, Chaurasia blamed Kanahiya Kumar for the incident and asked how did the incident happen in his presence. It must be noted that Kanahiya doesn’t feature in any of the videos of the event that surfaced on the internet.

Chaurasia’s hysteria also caught the eye of Stephen Sackur, a veteran journalist and host of BBC’s flagship show the Hard Talk. He took a jibe at the anchor and tweeted, “I have been doing Hard Talk wrong.”

A segment of the media is being accused of promoting the hate agenda through its debate shows and other programming. Interestingly, Deepak Chourasia is caught out for non-journalistic activity. Recently, he claimed on social networking site twitter that two ‘Muslims’, Amjad Ali and Tamim Sheikh have been arrested for killing a pregnant elephant in Palakkad district of Kerela. Strict action should be taken against the accused, he demanded. His tweet was retweeted almost 1500 times and garnered more than 4ooo likes in a while.

Later, this proved to be fake news. Instead of an apology, Deepak Chaurasia kept on spreading hatred on various platforms. He has been served legal notice for alleged hate mongering, spreading fake news and making derogatory & defamatory remarks against a particular community. Ateendra Saumya Singh, a Delhi based lawyer on behalf of Dr Farrukh Khan has served him a notice. Chaurasia has been accused of purposefully, deliberately and mischievously indulging in promoting the hate agenda.

If he doesn’t tender an unconditional, written apology, a criminal and civil suit will be filed against Chaurasia in competent courts, says Farrukh Diwan, who himself is a lawyer with the Supreme Court of India.

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